The ‘soft stuff’ delivers the ‘hard results’.

We combine rigour of consultancy with the magic of storytelling. We believe that we’re only as good as the impact we make. We focus on results.

  • Diagnostics

    • Investigative interviewing
    • Survey assessments
    • Internal ethnography
  • Narrative

    • The leader’s story
    • The story of 'why now’
    • The story of common cause
  • Brand

    • Identity
    • Brand worlds
  • Comms

    • Internal comms
    • Content & editorial
    • External Comms
  • Culture

    • Folklore
    • Engagement
    • Handbooks

Lead Change

We help enlightened leaders deliver meaningful change through story. We use ‘narrative thinking’ to make strategy meaningful in human terms. We turn strategy into a story – a core narrative of higher purpose and common cause that moves employees, sparks action, and effects change.

After all, no-one ever followed a slide deck into battle.

Leave a Legacy

We then make change stick by creating a company’s ‘folklore’ – verbal, physical, and ritualistic expressions of the story that employees live and abide by every day, deployed through structured employee engagements.

The result is a high-performance culture endowed with self-confidence – the lasting legacy of leadership.

We have created stories for a diverse range of clients