Legacy on Ice

Paul Howarth23rd Feb 2018

James Kerr’s book inspires US ice hockey outfit

Fable founder James’s best-seller, Legacy – What The All Blacks Can Teach Us About The Business Of Life, continues to influence teams around the world. This time it’s the turn of American National Hockey League side Florida Panthers to draw inspiration from the book.

The story of the All Blacks really resonated with coach Bob Boughner, and he resolved to introduce many of Legacy’s principles to his team.

"It just sort of knocked my socks off — it hit a special place for me, it hit home," Boughner explains. "I wanted to bring in some kind of identity to the team [and] this was the perfect fit for me."

Boughner says the mentality of putting the team first is working well for them. His relatively young Panthers squad have adopted this ethos and individual egos aren't getting in the way. Or, to put it in the terms of Legacy, "No dickheads."

"The guys have really taken this to heart," he says, before describing how he’s borrowed some of the All Blacks’ mantras and plastered them around the dressing room so that they’re “right in our faces when we walk in.”

The Panthers have even developed a ritual of presenting the man of the match with an All Black jersey and rugby ball, which must be passed on each game to a new player.

So, is it working? Well, having lost more games than they’d won in the early part of the season, the team has now come out on top in six of their last seven to move within striking distance of the play-offs.

As we see time and time again, the ‘soft stuff’ drives hard results. Good work, Panthers. Read the full story here