Colchester Global Investors

Paul Howarth4th Oct 2017

One Friday in September, we headed down to Hampshire to run a day-long workshop for Colchester Global Investors.

A highly successful investment management firm, Colchester has grown significantly in recent years. How can the company continue to win in its field? Is it possible to replicate the culture that existed when they were just a handful of individuals a few years back?

We drew on some of the themes from James’s Legacy book in order to explore how the team could remain on top of its game (and its competitors).

It was a fascinating and productive day, culminating in a series of short plays performed admirably by the participants. Bravo!

And in amongst the fun, there were plenty of useful ideas – a tweak in behaviour here, a team-building exercise there – that could help the company to become even more successful.

Keith Lloyd, CEO.

delighted at how positive everyone’s been. Fable’s work has helped us to identify several tangible initiatives that we can put in place. Thank you for a rewarding day.