We believe in stories. As a driver of change. As a giver of meaning. As a unifier of people.

Today’s best leaders are storytellers. They find resonant ways to set the agenda and inspire their people.

Yet too many leaders fail to motivate – no-one ever won hearts and minds with the line ‘once upon a strategy’.

Good leaders know that nothing galvanises like a story of higher purpose and common cause. 

We help ambitious leaders deliver lasting and meaningful change through story.


Turn your strategy into an inspiring story.

No-one ever followed a PowerPoint deck into battle.

We make strategy matter in human terms. 

We use ‘narrative thinking’ to turn your strategy into something that makes people sit up and listen, with dramatic conflict and a sense of jeopardy.

This is your core narrative – a story of higher purpose and common cause that fires the imagination, creates urgency, and sparks action.


Turn the story into high-performance culture.

Verbalise, symbolise, ritualise.

Now you have your story. But how does it create a high-performance culture that delivers results day after day, year after year?

We plan and deploy transformative employee engagements that make that story real.

Words, symbols, rituals, and behaviours that employees live and abide by every day to deliver lasting change in your culture.

We call this ‘folklore’.