We’re Fable. We believe the most dynamic businesses succeed through story. The right narrative makes an organisation more focussed, united, and influential.

We use ‘narrative thinking’ to help ambitious organisations find their unique story – and then we make it real for employees and customers.

We have an intuitive approach rooted in culture, rather than business school theory.  We make strategy matter in human terms by designing stories that capture hearts, change minds, and create common cause.

The right story gives employees a reason to get out of bed. The right story sparks breakthroughs in the way people act. The right story gives customers permission to love what you do.

So find the right story.


Stories tell us who we are and why we do things.

‘Social fictions’ are the very foundations of our culture – our faiths, our national myths, even our legal systems.

Businesses require their story too. We help ambitious organisations find their ‘core narrative’ – a story of higher purpose and common cause that fires the imagination, creates urgency, and sparks action.

By bringing together storytelling theory and business consultancy, we ensure the narrative both inspires employees and delivers commercial results – building high-performance cultures, driving innovation, and improving customer experiences.


Higher performance starts with knowing who you areā€¦

But knowing your story is simply not enough. For it to have transformative power, it must be told repeatedly and acted upon, day in and day out.

Brand identities – we create iconic brand identities that bring your narrative to life for your employees and customers.

Communications – we make commanding campaigns that connect with and influence the organisation. We also give leaders the anecdotes they need to bring the core narrative to life and guide how employees should behave.

Folklore – cultures are stories in action. We design and deliver transformative employee engagements that that help organisations live their story and build lasting high-performance cultures.